With no hinderance or hurdle, light passes straight through a glassy, transparent film.

Not invisible, no. Transparent.

It can be seen. The film is there. Existence is certain. A glassy structure, a liquid frame, a crystalline skeleton.

But the film cannot be seen, not really. What is seen is the scene behind the film. The film is seen through. Through the structure, the frame, the skeleton. The film does not capture the light, the color, or the display. It captures nothing. These things pass through as if the film does not even exist at all.

To be invisible is the complete lack of being seen.

To be transparent is to be seen through. For existence to be registered, for presence to be known, but the components are invisible. Bare, open, raw, plain while completely invisible.

To be acknowledged, but to be insignificant.

To take up space, but to be impalpable.

To be known, but not to be seen at all.

Transparent, an empty entity.


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