Five Year Plan

What do you want to do with your life?

If I could be anything?

Yes. Who do you want to be?


If I could do absolutely anything,

I’ll tell you what I’d be,

This is what I’d do


I’d melt down in the steam of a summer’s day,

sun shining, a nice 88 degrees,

white, wispy clouds overhead.


To a liquid so smooth and thin

that I’d seep straight into the ground,

into the lush, green grass.


Straight down to soil

which would absorb only my particles of

joy light grace peace


The enriched soil would thrive,

roots forming,

flowers blooming,

petals beaming up to the sky.


Passers by would see, they would

notice study contemplate admire

But they would not touch.


They would not touch.

They would not pick my petals.

They would not snap my stems.


I would not give my life to wilt away in a

vase on a kitchen counter.


A wired, garden fence would surround me.

Would surround each and every molecule of the

biome into which I have transformed.

Every speck of soil into which I’ve dispersed.


No one would

traipse trample tread trudge

on my delicate growth,

my soft foundation.


Like an animal caged at the zoo.

Like a figure in a wax museum.

Like a photo in a magazine.


Give me space.

Let me be.


Nothing to feel.


Let me just exist,

be seen.

be protected.

Let me bloom, uninterrupted,

into only beautiful, lovely things.






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