Read below to find the most recent projects, artwork, and extra things I’ve been up to besides writing!


I have created an etsy account where I will be selling artwork and different crafts I’ve been working on. 10% of all profits are donated to National Eating Disorder Association. Here are a few previews:

The Survivor Diaries Podcast

I shared my story of being a survivor of sexual assault and of an eating disorder on a podcast called the Survivor Diaries Podcast.

This incredible podcast, created by an empowering new friend named Emily, is similar to my mission with Letters to Liv. Follow her social media to learn more about her:

The link to listen is below:

NEDA Week Letter to Renfrew

I was asked to write a letter to be read to the current community of Renfrew Center of Florida for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I talked about what this year’s theme, “Come as You Are” means to me. You can find a video of me reading it here:

(lol @ the frame that is displayed here).